Pharmacy Technician

Almost every State has regulated the maximum number of technicians who can safely work under a pharmacist at one time. In some States, technicians have assumed more medication dispensing duties as pharmacist have become more involved in patient care, resulting in more technicians per pharmacist. Changes in these laws could directly affect employment.

Specific duties, responsibilities and procedures the student will be trained in are:

– Help patients who are dropping off or picking up prescription orders.

– Enter prescription orders into the computer.

– Create a profile of the patient’s health and insurance information in the computer or update patient’s profile.

– Assist the pharmacist, under direct supervision, to comply in accordance with local, state, federal, and company regulations.

– Communicate w/insurance carriers; obtaining payment for prescription claims or distribution.

– At point of sale, verify that the customer receives correct prescription(s).

– Complete weekly distribution center medication orders, place orders on shelves and verify all associated paperwork.

– Assist pharmacist with filling and labeling prescriptions.

– Prepare pharmacy inventory.

– Screen phone calls for the pharmacists.

– Communicate with prescribers and their agents to obtain refill authorization.

– Compound oral solutions, ointments, and creams.

– Prepackage bulk medications.

– Maintain an awareness of development in the community and pharmaceutical fields that relate to job responsibilities and integrate them into own practices.

– Assist in training new employees.

– Assist other pharmacy technicians.

– Assist pharmacist in scheduling and maintaining workflow.

– Maintain knowledge of loss prevention techniques.

– Rotate through all work areas of the pharmacy.

– Transport medications, drug-delivery devises and other pharmacy equipment from the pharmacy to nursing units and clinics.

– Pick up copies of physicians orders. Automated medications administration records and unusedmedications from the nursing units and return them to the pharmacy.

– Fill patient’s cassettes.

Prepare medications and supplies for dispensing, including:

– Pre-packed bulk medications

– Compound ointments, creams, oral solutions, and other medications

– Prepare chemotherapeutic agents

– Compound total parenteral nutrition solutions

– Compound large volume intravenous mixtures

– Package and prepare drugs being used in clinical investigations

– Prepare prescriptions for outpatients

– Check continuous unit dose medications

– Control and audit narcotics/stock substance.

– Assist pharmacist in entering medication orders into the computer system.

– Prepare inventories, order drugs and supplies from the storeroom; receive drugs, and stock shelves in various pharmacy locations.

• Upon successful completion of the Pharmacy Technician Program through our institution, the student will have the knowledge to work in the field as a Pharmacy Technician. The successful student will receive a Completion Certificate for the program. At that time, the student becomes eligible to take/challenge the Texas State Board of Pharmacy accepted PTCB or the ExCPT (accepted by other states and governmental entities) to prove competence as defined by the designation Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT).