ITSI 600421 EMT Transtion program is a refresher training curriculum for NREMT and/or NAEMT license holders who are current. ALL EMT’s must provide a copy of their credintials to maintain on file and also must have a current BLS. Its a 10 Day program, Monday thru Friday from 5-9pm, totaling 80 hours of traning as required by NREMT, NAEMT and also the Texas Department of State Health Services for State Licensed EMTs. This program will satisfy requirements for EMTs who’s licenses will expire 31 March 2016, and also satisfy the requirements of EMT Transition criteria set forth by the National Registry of EMTs. This will cover all areas required on the classroom portion of the recertification process. NOTE: all continuing education requirements are NOT included in this refresher course. Please refer to your credentialing agency/department to verify CEU/CH requirements.