EKG Technician

Students will learn to successfully perform a 12-lead ECG without artifact and learn to accurately recognize various dangerous dysrhythmias as well as normal sinus rhythm. In class training is for 9 weeks. These skills will enable the student to find work as an Electrocardiograph Technician in clinics or hospital settings. Electrocardiography is the study of the heart and the cardiovascular system. An electrocardiogram is defined as a recording of the electrical activity of the heart. ECGs are tests needed when there are injuries, signs or symptoms of a heart attack, or when an abnormal medical condition has been diagnosed. They are also needed on adult and geriatric patients before, after, and during surgery. An electrocardiograph is defined as the machine used to record an ECG tracing.

The EKG Student will be trainied in the duties and responsibilities which include administering the ECG for interpretation and diagnosis by a physician. Their duties also include preparing the patient, performing the ECG, and ensuring that the machine functions properly. An ECG technician may also assist with stress testing., Holter monitoring, Telemetry Technician, and ER ECG Technician to mane a few.

Other duties and responibilities will include:

– Oversee EKG test procedure

– Record EKG readings

– Provide EKG test data to physicans

– Help oversee EKG test procedures

Upon completion of the ECG Course, the ECG Student is required to perform 30 ECG tracings before receiving certification through AMCA.